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The High Resolution Model Intercomparison Project (HighResMIP) is a CMIP6 endorsed MIP CMIP6 HighResMIP and applies, for the first time, a multi-model approach to the systematic investigation of the impact of horizontal resolution.

A coordinated set of experiments has been designed to assess both a standard and an enhanced horizontal resolution simulation in the atmosphere and ocean. The set of HighResMIP experiments is divided into three tiers consisting of atmosphere-only and coupled runs and spanning the period 1950-2050, with the possibility to extend to 2100, together with some additional targeted experiments.

The HighResMIP protocol is described in detail in Haarsma et al. 2016. At present 19 modelling centers intend to participate in HighResMIP.

There is a special issue of GMD entitled "CMIP6 HighResMIP model descriptions and basic properties" for description papers specific to HighResMIP. 

The whole of the HighResMIP data archive can be accessed via ESGF, via the different ESGF nodes, e.g. the LLNL node, UK CEDA  node, and search under CMIP6/HighResMIP.

The first HighResMIP runs were done within the EU Horizon2020 project PRIMAVERA, and all these simulations are complete and (mostly) published to ESGF - for the respective doi's. The variables/frequency of data within these simulations can also be searched on our DMT:

Forcings for HighResMIP have been produced and can be found within inputs4MIPs. Some information on the production of the future SST and sea-ice forcing can be found on the github site
HighResMIP future SST and sea-ice construction.

If you want to be informed about future developments of HighResMIP, please register by emailing the contacts (below). By registering you will be added to the mailing list of HighResMIP.

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