CMIP6 HighResMIP publications

The following are publications known to include results using CMIP6 HighResMIP model simulations and that do not include coauthors from the PRIMAVERA project, or have been published after PRIMAVERA ended (so 2021 onwards). Papers that include PRIMAVERA coauthors can be found at


2022 (9)

Bloemendaal, N., de Moel, H., Martinez, A.B., Muis, S., Haigh, I,D., van der Wiel, K., Haarsma, R.J., Ward, P.J., Roberts, M.J., Dullaart, J.C.M, and Aerts, J.C.J.H, 2022: A globally consistent local-scale assessment of future tropical cyclone risk. Science Advances, accepted.

Hodson, D., Bretonnière, P.-A., Cassou, C., Davini, P., Klingaman, N., Lohmann, K., Lopez-Parages, J., Martín-Rey, M., Moine, M.-P., Monerie, P.-A., Putrasahan, D. A., Roberts, C. D., Robson, J., Ruprich-Robert, Y., Sanchez-Gomez, E., Seddon, J. and Senan, R., 2022: Coupled climate response to Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in a multi-model multi-resolution ensemble. Clim. Dyn. ISSN 0930-7575,

Leung, L. R., Boos, W. R., Catto, J. L., DeMott, C., Martin, G. M., Neelin, J. D., O’Brien, T. A., Xie, S., Feng, Z., Klingaman, N. P., Kuo, Y., Lee, R. W., Martinez-Villalobos, C., Vishnu, S., Priestley, M., Tao, C., & Zhou, Y., 2022: Exploratory precipitation metrics: spatiotemporal characteristics, process-oriented, and phenomena-based, Journal of Climate (published online ahead of print 2022).

López-Parages, J., and Terray, L., 2022: Tropical North Atlantic Response to ENSO: Sensitivity to Model Spatial Resolution. Journal of Climate 35, 1, 3-16.

Moreno-Chamarro, E., E., Caron, L.-P., Loosveldt Tomas, S., Gutjahr, O., Moine, M.-P., Putrasahan, D., Roberts, C. D., Roberts, M. J., Senan, R., Terray, L., Tourigny, E., and Vidale, P. L., 2022: Impact of increased resolution on long-standing biases in HighResMIP-PRIMAVERA climate models. Geosci. Model Dev., 15, 269–289, 2022.

Notaro, M., Jorns, J., and Briley, L., 2022: Representation of Lake-Atmosphere Interactions and Lake-Effect Snowfall in the Laurentian Great Lakes Basin Among HighResMIP Global Climate Models. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences.  

Priestley, M. D. K., & Catto, J. L.2022: Improved representation of extratropical cyclone structure in HighResMIP models. Geophysical Research Letters, 49, e2021GL096708.

Tsartsali, E. E., Haarsma, R. J., Athanasiadis, P. J., Bellucci, A., de Vries, H., Drijfhout, S., de Vries, I. E., Putrasahan, D., Roberts, M. J., Sanchez-Gomez, E., Roberts, C. D., 2022: Impact of resolution on the atmosphere-ocean coupling along the Gulf Stream in global high resolution models. Clim. Dyn.,

Zhao, M. (2022). A Study of AR-, TS-, and MCS-Associated Precipitation and Extreme Precipitation in Present and Warmer Climates, Journal of Climate, 35(2), 479-497.

2021 (18)

Bellucci, A., and Coauthors, 2021: Air-sea interactions over the Gulf Stream in an ensemble of HighResMIP present climate simulations. Clim. Dyn.,

Grist, J.P., S. A. Josey, B. Sinha, J. L. Catto, M. J. Roberts, A.C. Coward, 2021: Future evolution of an eddy rich ocean leads to enhanced east Atlantic storminess in a coupled model projection. GRL,

Hariadi, M. H., van der Schrier, G., Steeneveld, G.-J., Sopaheluwakan, A., Tank, A. K., Roberts, M. J., Moine, M.-P., Bellucci, A., Senan, R., Tourigny, E., & Putrasahan, D., 2021: Evaluation of onset, cessation and seasonal precipitation of the Southeast Asia rainy season in CMIP5 regional climate models and HighResMIP global climate models. International Journal of Climatology, 1 18.

Huang, H., Patricola, C. M., Collins, W. D., 2021: The influence of ocean coupling on simulated and projected tropical cyclone precipitation in the HighResMIP-PRIMAVERA simulations. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL094801.

Ineson, S., Dunstone, N.J., Ren, H.-L., Renshaw, R., Roberts, M.J., Scaife, A.A., Yamazaki, K., 2021: ENSO amplitude asymmetry in Met Office Hadley Centre climate models. Frontiers in Climate,

Jinxiao Li, Qing Bao, Yimin Liu, Lei Wang, Jing Yang, Guoxiong Wu, Xiaofei Wu, Bian He, Xiaocong Wang, Xiaoqi Zhang, Yaoxian Yang, Zili Shen, 2021. Effect of Horizontal Resolution on the Simulation of Tropical Cyclones in the Chinese Academy of Sciences FGOALS-f3 Climate System Model. GMD,

Judt, F., D. Klocke, R. Rios-Berrios, B. Vanniere, F. Ziemen, L. Auger, J. Biercamp, C. Bretherton, X. Chen, P. Duben, C. Hohenegger, M. Khairoutdinov, C. Kodama, L. Kornblueh, S.-J. Lin, M. Nakano, P. Neumann, W. Putman, N. Röber, M. Roberts, M. Satoh, R. Shibuya, B. Stevens, P. L. Vidale, N. Wedi, L. Zhou, 2021: Tropical Cyclones in Global Storm-Resolving Models. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan,

Koenigk, T., Fuentes-Franco, R., Meccia, V.L. et al, 2021: Deep mixed ocean volume in the Labrador Sea in HighResMIP models. Clim Dyn, 57, 1895–1918.

Kreussler, P., Caron, L.-P., Wild, S., Loosveldt Tomas, S., Chauvin, F., Moine, M.-P., Roberts, M.J., Ruprich-Robert, Y., Seddon, J., Valcke, S., Vanniere, B., Vidale, P.L., 2021: Tropical Cyclone Integrated Kinetic Energy in an Ensemble of HighResMIP Simulations. GRL, 48, e2020GL090963,

Lohmann, K., Putrasahan, D.A., von Storch, J.-S., Gutjahr, O., Jungclaus, J. H., Haak, H., 2021: Response of the northern North Atlantic to reduced and enlarged wind stress forcing and its impact on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. JGR-Oceans, 126,

Meccia, V., Iovino, D. and Bellucci, A., 2021: North Atlantic gyre circulation in PRIMAVERA models. Clim. Dyn.,

Monerie, P.-A. and coauthors, 2021: Role of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability in modulating East Asian climate. Clim. Dyn.,

Moreno-Chamarro, E., L.-P. Caron, P. Ortega, S. L. Tomas, M. J. Roberts, 2021: Can we trust CMIP5/6 future projections of European winter precipitation? ERL,

Moreton, S., Ferreira, D., Roberts, M., Hewitt, H., 2021: Air-sea turbulent heat flux feedback over mesoscale eddies. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2021GL095407.

Squintu, A.A., van der Schrier, G., van den Besselaar, E., van der Linden, E., Scoccimarro, E., Roberts, C. Klein Tank, A., Roberts, M., Putrasahan, D., Senan, R., 2021: Evaluation of trends in extreme temperatures simulated by HighResMIP models across Europe. Clim. Dyn.,

Vidale, P.L., Hodges, K., Davini, P., Roberts, M., Plesca, E., Corti, S., Strommen, K., Weisheimer, A., 2021: Impact of stochastic physics and model resolution on the simulation of Tropical Cyclones in climate GCMs. J. Clim.,

Wehner, M., Jiwoo Lee, Mark Risser, Paul Ullrich, Peter Gleckler, William D. Collins (2021) Evaluation of extreme subdaily precipitation in high-resolution global climate model simulations. Phil. Trans. R. Soc., 379,

Yamada, Y., Kodama, C., Satoh, M., Sugi, M., Roberts, M. J., Mizuta, R., Noda, A. T., Nasuno, T., Nakano, M., Vidale, P. L., 2021: Evaluation of the contribution of tropical cyclone seeds to changes in tropical cyclone frequency due to global warming in high-resolution multi-model ensemble simulations. Progress in Earth and planetary Science, 8, 11,

Zhang, W., G. Villarini, E. Scoccimarro, M. Roberts, P. L. Vidale, B. Vanniere, L.-P. Caron, D. Putrasahan, C. Roberts, R. Senan, M.-P. Moine, 2021: Tropical Cyclone Precipitation in the HighResMIP Atmosphere-only Experiments of the PRIMAVERA Project. Clim. Dyn.,

2020 (5)

Balaguru, K., L.R. Leung, L. van Roekel, J.-C. Golaz, P. Ullrich, P.M. Caldwell, S.M. Hagos, B.E. Harrop, and A. Mametjanov. 2020. “Characterizing Tropical Cyclones in U.S. DOE’s Energy Exascale Earth System Model Version 1.” J. Adv. Mod. Earth Syst., 12,

Qing BAO, Yimin LIU, Guoxiong WU, Bian HE, Jinxiao LI, Lei WANG, Xiaofei WU, Kangjun CHEN, Xiaocong WANG, Jing YANG & Xiaoqi ZHANG, 2020: CAS FGOALS-f3-H and CAS FGOALS-f3-L outputs for the high-resolution model intercomparison project simulation of CMIP6, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Letters, 13:6, 576-581, DOI: 1080/16742834.2020.1814675

Chang, P., Zhang, S., Danabasoglu, G., Yeager, S. G., Fu, H., Wang, H., et al. (2020). An unprecedented set of high‐resolution earth system simulations for understanding multiscale interactions in climate variability and change. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 12, e2020MS002298.

Kodama, T. Ohno, T. Seiki, H. Yashiro, A. T. Noda, M. Nakano, Y. Yamada, W. Roh, M. Satoh, T. Nitta, D. Goto, H. Miura, T. Nasuno, T., Miyakawa, Y.-W. Chen, and M. Sugi, 2020: The non-hydrostatic global atmospheric model for CMIP6 HighResMIP simulations (NICAM16-S): experimental design, model description, and impacts of model updates, Geosci. Model Dev.,, accepted.

Zhao, M. (2020). Simulations of Atmospheric Rivers, Their Variability, and Response to Global Warming Using GFDL’s New High-Resolution General Circulation Model, Journal of Climate33(23), 10287-10303. 

2019 (1)

Caldwell, P. M.Mametjanov, A.Tang, Q.Van Roekel, L. P.Golaz, J.‐C.Lin, W. et al. (2019). The DOE E3SM coupled model version 1: Description and results at high resolutionJournal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems114095– 4146

Submitted/in prep (9)

Athanasiadis, P. J., Ogawa, F., Omrani, N.-E., Keenlyside, N., Schiemann, R., Baker, A.J., Vidale, P.L., Bellucci, A., Ruggieri, P., Haarsma, R., Roberts, M., Roberts, C., Novak, L., Guialdi, S., 2021: Mitigating climate biases in the mid-latitude North Atlantic by increasing model resolution: SST gradients and their relation to blocking and the jet. J. Clim., in revision.

Baker, A.J., Roberts, M.J., Vidale, P.L., Hodges, K.,I., Haarsma, R.J., Seddon, J., Vanniere, B., Kapetanakis, D.,  Schiemann, R., Doblas-Reyes, F., Lohmann, K., Roberts, C.D., Terray, L.: Extratropical transition of tropical cyclones in a multiresolution ensemble of atmosphere-land-only and fully coupled global climate models. J. Clim., revised (Mar 2022).

Bloomfield, H. C., Brayshaw, D. J., Deakin, M., and Greenwood, D., 2022: Hourly historical and near-future weather and climate variables for energy system modelling, Earth Syst. Sci. Data Discuss., in review,

Dorrington, J., Strommen, K., and Fabiano, F., 2021: How well does CMIP6 capture the dynamics of Euro-Atlantic weather regimes, and why?, Weather Clim. Dynam. Discuss., in review (Oct 2021).

Famooss Paolini, L., Athanasiadis, P., Ruggieri, P., Bellucci, A., 2022: The atmospheric response to meridional shifts of the Gulf Stream SST front and the role of atmospheric horizontal resolution. In review for the Journal of Climate.

Lockwood, J., et al., 2022: Using high-resolution global climate models from the PRIMAVERA project to create a European winter windstorm event set. NHESS, submitted (Jan 2022). 

Muis, S., et al., 2022: Low confidence in projected changes in storm surges for the mid-century. In prep for Earth's Future. 

Moon, Y., Kim, D., Wing, A.A., Camargo, S.J., Zhao, M., Leung, L.R., Roberts, M.J., 2021: An evaluation of tropical cyclone rainfall structure in the HighResMIP simulations against satellite observations. J. Clim., submitted.

Rhoades, A.M., et al., 2021: Asymmetric Emergence of Low-to-No Snow in the American Cordillera. Nature Climate Change, submitted (Dec 2021).

Seo, H., O'Neill, L.W., Bourassa, M.A., Czeja, A., Drushka, K., Edson, J.B., Fox-Kemper, B., Frenger, I., Gille, S.T., Kirtman, B.P., Minobe, S., Pendergrass, A.G., Renault, L., Roberts, M.J., Schneider, N., Small, R.J., Stoffelen, A., Wang, Q., 2022: Ocean Mesoscale and Frontal-scale Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions and Influence on Large-scale Climate: A review. J. Clim., in revision.

Derived datasets

Roberts, M. (2019): CMIP6 HighResMIP: Tropical storm tracks. Centre for Environmental Data Analysis, date of citation.

Global water level change indicators from 1950 to 2050 derived from HighResMIP climate projections:!/dataset/sis-water-level-change-cmip6-indicators?tab=overview

Winter windstorm dataset from Lockwood et al. (2022).

Synthetic TC track dataset from Bloemendaal et al. (2022).

HighResMIP protocol citations:

Citations and other metrics from Haarsma et al., 2016: