Following discussions led by the CLIVAR Dynamics Panel and EU PRIMAVERA, we have agreed an initial list of CLIVAR project proposals that will be worked on by the two groups in collaboration. These will exploit the PRIMAVERA model simulation datasets that are all available on the CEDA-JASMIN platform, and the expertise within the CLIVAR community.


These analysis areas extend the work that PRIMAVERA is planning, which focuses on regions affecting European weather and climate.

Progress of this work will be updated on these pages.
The extra-tropical analyses topics are shown here:
Dynamic list of ongoing extra-tropical analyses

If you are interested in similar collaboration with PRIMAVERA then please get in touch with eiher of the co-leads of HighResMIP, Rein Haarsma and Malcolm Roberts.

Instructions on how to obtain access to the HighResMIP data on CEDA-JASMIN, as produced and used by the PRIMAVERA groups, please see Data access
(note you will need to notify us as above as well, so we can agree on intentions, as well as help you fill in the forms).