HighResMIP analyses

The HighResMIP protocol paper (Haarsma et al 2016) indicated several areas of process-based analysis that would be priority for coordinated analysis. Given that the data volumes are large, the more coordination on data access the better. The HighResMIP datasets will be available on the CMIP6 ESGF data network, once that is ready to receive it. However, this would still mean downloading large data volumes to local disk.

To facilitate initial analysis, the PRIMAVERA simulation output is all available on one platform at CEDA-JASMIN. We have been discussing with various communities how to grant them access to these datasets. We welcome other groups getting in touch with us for similar collaboration.


Planned analysis with CLIVAR groups- see project page CLIVAR-PRIMAVERA, and the detailed analysis topics:

Topics agreed at PRIMAVERA General Assembly GA3 (Bologna, Italy, Nov 2017)

and an ongoing list of analysis areas within extra-tropical umbrella:
Dynamic list of ongoing extra-tropical analyses

Tropical cyclones - PRIMAVERA

Planned tropical cyclone analysis - see project page TC-PRIMAVERA, and the detailed analysis topics TC-PRIMAVERA analysis topics

Analysis plans at individual centres using individual model outputs

Analysis for UK HadGEM3-GC3.1 model. For the coupled ORCA12 simulations, some plans are here.