Tropical cyclones

Tropical Cyclone HighResMIP coordinated analysis and projects using PRIMAVERA output

Discussions are underway to enable international colleagues to collaborate on analysis of the HighResMIP simulations, initially done by the EU PRIMAVERA modelling groups. These groups have all their simulation output in one place on CEDA-JASMIN.

Instructions on how to obtain access to the HighResMIP data on CEDA-JASMIN, as produced and used by the PRIMAVERA groups, please see Data access.

The TC tracks (using TRACK and TempestExtremes algorithms to far) from the PRIMAVERA models (some detail here) can be obtained from the CEDA archives at

Additional models as used in Roberts et al. (2020) (JAMSTEC-NICAM, MRI, iHESP-CESM) are available upon request (contact Malcolm in the first instance). Additional models continue to be tracked (e.g. HiRAM-SIT model), again Malcolm can put you in touch with the relevant groups. 

An email list is maintained by Malcolm Roberts (malcolm.roberts @ for those who have expressed interest in being involved in this work - please contact him if you would like to be added.


Meetings and telecons

There have been several telecons and discussions in various meetings in order to loosely organise some coordinated analysis of the CMIP6 HighResMIP simulations (these initially comprising of those from the H2020 PRIMAVERA project groups, but will expand over time).

These are documented here.


Analysis plans

The current areas of analysis that people have expressed interest in are shown in this google doc:
TC-PRIMAVERA analysis plans