PRIMAVERA is a European Union Horizon2020 project which aims "to develop a new generation of advanced and well-evaluated high-resolution global climate models, capable of simulating and predicting regional climate with unprecedented fidelity, for the benefit of governments, business and society in general."



PRIMAVERA is organised around five major research themes:

1. Innovations in Modelling

2. Process-based Assessment

3. Drivers of European Climate

4. Flagship Simulations for HighResMIP

5. Climate Risk Assessment


PRIMAVERA is made possible by collaboration between 19 European partner institutions and the flagship global climate simulations are the European contribution to HighResMIP. PRIMAVERA will help us to answer societally important questions. To what extent are recent heat waves, floods and droughts across Europe attributable to natural variability or to human influences on the global climate system? How will the risk of such high-impact climate and weather events change over the coming decades?


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HRCM scientists in PRIMAVERA


Pier Luigi Vidale | Reinhard Schiemann | Marie-Estelle Demory | Benoît Vannière | Alexander Baker


Malcolm Roberts | Ségolène Berthou | Jon Seddon



NOVEMBER 2017: General Assembly 3

GA3 was the third annual, project-wide meeting involving all 19 partner institutions in PRIMAVERA, held at CNR, Bologna, Italy.

This meeting addressed:

  • Presentations on initial Stream 1 simulation analyses, including model biases, heat and freshwater transport, mid-latitude jet and storm track, cyclones, air-sea coupling, hydrological cycle, Gulf Stream, deep water formation, AMO/AMOC, teleconnections, Arctic snow and sea ice, model complexity, climate risk assessment, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Future collaboration with U.S. CLIVAR
  • Strengthening the links between institutions working in complementary topics within PRIMAVERA

More detail, including the full programme of presentations, may be found on the PRIMAVERA website.


FEBRUARY 2017: User engagement survey

We're seeking input from users of climate information to help us design forthcoming high-resolution global climate simulations. By engaging with users to design simulations, we're able to maximise the benefit for those users.

These climate simulations will help societally-important sectors, including transport, energy and insurance, enhance their competitiveness and develop their resilience to environmental change.

If you wish to be part of this and help the PRIMAVERA project, our user engagement survey can be found here.

This survey aims to understand what you need from climate information, related to climate variability and the climate risks that affect the work of your organisation and the wider sector.


NOVEMBER 2016: General Assembly 2

GA2 was the second annual, project-wide meeting involving all 19 partner institutions in PRIMAVERA, held at KNMI, De Bilt, The Netherlands.

Perhaps the most important outcome of the meeting is the confirmation that Stream 1 simulations delivery will be ongoing to JASMIN to October 2017 (agreed by all modelling groups). A meeting report and summary notes and presentations are now published on the PRIMAVERA website.

Science presentations (posters) were given by HRCM researchers, including:

  • Alexander Baker et al. European extreme precipitation and the NAO in UPSCALE HadGEM3 simulations
  • Benoît Vannière et al. Sensitivity of simulated hydrological processes to GCM’s resolution
  • Reinhard Schiemann et al. Mean and extreme European precipitation in a global 25-km AGCM
  • Reinhard Schiemann et al. Resolution sensitivity of Northern Hemisphere blocking in four atmospheric GCMs