HighResMIP protocol

HighResMIP protocol

The HighResMIP protocol is described in detail in [http://www.geosci-model-dev-discuss.net/gmd-2016-66/ Haarsma et al 2016]. It is one of the MIP projects for WCRP's CMIP6 CMIP6 HighResMIP.

The HighResMIP output requirements are described in the Data Request

Below is a short outline of the protocol

Tier 1: Forced-atmosphere  runs 1950-2014

Experiment name: highresSST-present

Using HadISST2.2.0.0 1/4 degree SST and sea-ice forcing dataset - see https://hrcm.ceda.ac.uk/research/cmip6-highresmip/highresmip-protocol/sst-and-sea-ice-forcing/ 

Tier 2: Coupled runs 1950-2050

Control:   100 years with 1950's forcing         Experiment name: control-1950

Historic:  1950-2014  with historic forcing     Experiment name: hist-1950

Future:    2015-2050                                      Experiment name: highres-future

Spin-up:  50 year spin-up from EN4 ocean climatology with constant 1950's forcing. Experiment name: spinup-1950

Tier 3: Forced-atmosphere 2015-2050 (2100)

2015-2050 (2100)  Experiment name: highresSST-future

Motivation of these three Tiers

Focus of HighResMIP is on the 1950-2050 period (Tier 2). This period includes significant past changes and the time horizon for the future is relevant for decision makers.

The division of the forced-atmosphere (AMIP-style) runs in Tier 1 and Tier 3 is to enable NWP centers to participate. It also includes the possibility for end of the century simulations.

Resolution: Atmosphere 20-50 km; Ocean ~0.25 degree

Experiments are repeated with standard resolution. This version is also the entry for DECK runs.

HighResMIP philosophy: No or minimal additional tuning for high resolution version. If tuning is necessary it should be well documented.

Further targeted experiments

Leaf area index (LAI) experiment highresSST-LAI

Smoothed SST highresSST-smoothed

CFMIP style experiments highresSST-p4K; highresSST-4co2

Abrupt 4XCO2 highres-4co2