U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group

The objectives of the U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group (2011-) include:

  • an improved understanding of interannual variability and trends in the tropical cyclone activity from the beginning of the 20th century to the present
  • quantifying changes in the characteristics of tropical cyclones under a warming climate

To find out more, please visit the U.S. CLIVAR Hurricane Working Group website.


NOVEMBER 2017: New research links with PRIMAVERA and HRCM

We are actively building collaborations between PRIMAVERA and U.S. CLIVAR. A special season of the 3rd PRIMAVERA General Assembly was dedicated to establishing research links between members of both projects for a range of topics relevant to HRCM, including:

  • Local atmospheric response to WBCs - Shoshiro Minobe, Hokkaido University
  • Role of mixed layer depth in surface frontogenesis - Tomoki Tozuka, University of Tokyo
  • Blocking, extreme weather, and the role of the ocean - Young-Oh Kwon, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • North Atlantic SST and Eurasian blocking - Noel Keenlyside, UiB and Bjerknes Centre
  • Ocean-atmosphere interactions at ocean mesoscale - Sabrina Speich, LMD-IPSL
  • Effect of ocean mesoscale eddy atmosphere interaction on eddy energetics - Ping Chang, Texas A&M University
  • Storm track interactions with stationary waves in Northern Hemisphere - Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University