Plot of the month (Mar 2019): 10km global modelling

Plot of the month for March 2019 showcases a 10km-resolution global simulation, performed by Pier Luigi Vidale.

This is a still from an animation created using output from HRCM's flagship global climate model, HadGEM3, run at a resolution of about 10km. The animation shows a typical year of simulation, with liquid and frozen water content integrated to show clouds; colours within clouds indicating amount of precipitation (rain and snow), sea ice and snow amounts shown at the surface with bright colours. Look for weather fronts at mid to high-latitudes, as well as tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) appearing in the season May to November in the Northern Hemisphere tropics: you should be able to spot the "eye" feature of those powerful storms.

This work was carried out as part of the UK's national programme (JWCRP) and with the support of the PRIMAVERA project.